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Recommended Handling Practices for Confectionery Products.


Here are some of the general product storage guidelines that will help reduce and/or eliminate consumer complaints. This was developed in cooperation with confectionery manufacturers including Hershey, Masterfoods, Nestle and others. Nationwide Candy follows this guideline to the best of our ability to ensure customer satisfaction. We recommend all our customers also follow this guide.


Odor Absorption

Since chocolate and other confections readily absorb odors, care must be taken to ensure that candy is not stored or transported alongside strong-smelling products like coffee and cheese, and especially non-food items such as flowers, tobacco, perfumes or soaps.


Temperature and Humidity

Candy should be kept cool and dry and should never be placed in areas prone to wide temperature and humidity variations. Candy should be maintained at temperatures of 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity levels of 45-60%, outside of this range will contribute to bloom issues



Common Problems

Care should be taken to limit exposure of candy to excessive light, heat and air. To avoid heat damage and discoloration, candy should be kept away from sources of heat including lights, windows, heaters, hot pipes, and direct sunlight. Candy should not be stored near the heat exhaust vents of cooling units such as refrigerators and freezers since they expel heat and increase the surrounding temperature.


We would like to remind you that proper storage conditions are a necessity to ensure high quality and to maintain consumer satisfaction. Always use your stock in strict rotation; oldest first (FIFO First In, First Out). Candy should always be stored off the floor on pallets or racks and at least 18 inches away from walls to allow for free air circulation. Food Storage Pests such as Indian Meal Moth, Saw Tooth Grain Beetle, Cigarette Beetle (aka Drug Store Beetle), Rodents, and Warehouse Beetle are notorious for infesting food products in general. They can chew through almost every known packaging material, with the exception of glass and metal. For this reason, pest control awareness should be reviewed with the retail store and pest control company to establish preventative measures.

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Scooby Doo Cinnamon Grahams 1 Oz
Scooby Doo Cinnamon Grahams 1 Oz
$54.84 per Case
Size:1 Oz - 210 Count

Tootsie Roll Vanilla Midgees Christmas
Tootsie Roll Vanilla Midgees Christmas
$35.71 per Case
Size:12 Oz - 24 Count

Giant Krabby Patty ChangeMaker Original
Giant Krabby Patty ChangeMaker Original
$3.98 per Pack
Size:0.63 Oz - 36 Count

Runts Bulk 30 lb
Runts Bulk 30 lb
$51.90 per Case
Size:30 lb

Cracker Jack In Boxes
Cracker Jack In Boxes
$9.78 per Box of 25
Size:1 oz - 25 Count

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