Wholesale Brown Haley Almond Roca

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The Original Buttercrunch Toffee with Chocolate and Almonds in a large tin.

Manufacturer Notes: Almond Roca® comes to you with a history as flavorful as its coating of fresh almonds, and as rich as its buttercrunch toffee center. It all started back in 1923 in Tacoma, Washington. Harry Brown developed a recipe for the crunchy log-shaped candy destined to become a worldwide favorite. J.C. Haley wanted an unusual name to go with the new almond confection they had invented. A local librarian suggested "Roca", and Almond Roca® was born. In Spanish, the word "Roca" (pronounced Ro-ka) means "rock", which seemed appropriate given the crunchy center, and the fact that most almonds in those days came from Spain.

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