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Big League Chew Original Bubble Gum in a Folding Pouch. Each stay fresh pouch has the equivalent of 26 sticks of gum and keeps the juicy flavor packed inside. This gum has been a favorite of ball players for over 18 years. Keeps your mouth from getting dry for the whole game - whether you're a player or a fan.

Manufacturer Notes: In 1977, Rob Nelson and former New York Yankee All-Star Jim Bouton were teammates with the Portland Mavericks, an independent team in the Class A Northwest League. While sitting in the bullpen, they came up with an idea for an innovative new product to chew shredded bubble gum in a pouch. Following the season, Nelson and Bouton made the gum in a frying pan, chopped it up, put it in pouches and pitched the idea to major gum companies. Amurol Confections, a novelty gum maker owned by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, first released Big League Chew in 1980. While available originally in just one flavor, Big League Chew achieved $18 million sales during that first year. A new Grape flavor was introduced the next year and strawberry followed in 1982. Big League Chew is currently available in Original, Grape, Strawberry, Watermelon, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry and Cotton Candy. According to the 2005 packaging, over 450 million pouches of the gum have been sold since 1980.

INGREDIENTS: (Original)- sugar, gum base, corn syrup, glycerine, lecithin, artificial flavor, red 40 lake, red 40 and BHT (to preserve freshness). (Strawberry) - sugar, gum base, corn syrup, glycerine, lecithin, artificial flavor, malic acid, citric acid, red 40 lake and BHT. (Watermelon) - same as "original" except blue 1 lake (instead of red 40 lake and red 40).

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