Wholesale Large Wonka Chocolate Golden Egg

Large chocolate egg filled with Sweetarts and wrapped in gold foil. Great prize for the winning Easter egg hunter. Comes in either a gold or purple carrying case. Each egg has an assortment of Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies candy by Sweetarts.

Manufacturer Notes: A Wonka Golden Egg, Hip-Hip Hooray! You lucky ducky it's your today. The milk chocolate shell will make you sing, it's as tasty and creamy as anything. Now pick it up and give it a wiggle, Sweetarts candy inside will make you giggle! It's a fabulous prize. Oh what a delight! And totally edible, go on, take a bite! If you love it, then jump up and take a big leap! It's fun and so yummy and it's all yours to keep.

Wonka Chocolate Golden Eggs has several uses and it was made just for you by one of Wonka's special gooses.
If you prefer to say gooses as "geese" give it to your nephew or niece!
If you are a master of surprise. Use it as an Egg Hunt prize!
Or. If someone you know could use a little lift, the chocolate golden egg makes a perfect small gift.
If there's another one still up on the shelf, why not gobble one up all by yourself?

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