Wholesale Dinty Moore Beef Stew-Box

Ready to eat Beef Stew. No refrigeration required. Great for Vending or Retail.

Manufacturer Notes: DINTY MOORE® beef stew came to be during the depression years when President Roosevelt wanted to stimulate the economy and feed the unemployed. The government set into process a plan that would buy livestock from farmers and have Hormel Foods and other packing companies produce a canned roast beef with gravy for the nation's poor. In 1935, only nine months after the program began, it ended leaving Hormel with 500,000 cans. Jay Hormel decided to use the existing cans and try to market the "poor man's dish". DINTY MOORE® became an instant success and today DINTY MOORE® is an American classic. Hormel Foods now produces a number of varieties and packaging options of DINTY MOORE® stew. © 2005 Hormel Foods Corporation

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