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Nationwide Candy would like you to know that we take our customer's trust to a whole new level. Every purchase made with a credit card at is protected and covered by our promise and guarantee. Our customers will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of their credit card that is a result from our server failure or breach. We guarantee you will not be responsible for any unauthorized charges from our site.

Customers should feel confident that our pride and dedication in keeping our web site safe and secure is of the utmost importance along with your privacy.

We incorporated early on, and kept ongoing, a strict policy of keeping safe and maintaining your credit card which you have trusted to us during your purchase. We have taken extra steps to keep it safe. Steps that other companies may have neglected which include award winning hardware security measures.

We use independent companies like Security Metrics, a credit card industry leader in site vulnerability scans
to ensure that high security standards are maintained, which significantly reduces the risk that our site will be compromised and credit card or other sensitive data will be stolen or misused. Security Metrics we feel is far more strict than other site vulnerability companies like Hacker Safe or McFee Secure because instead of working for the merchant they work more for the credit card industry ensuring merchants are PCI (payment card industry) compliant.

We employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software at specific areas of our web site, which encrypts information you input. We reveal only select digits of your credit card numbers when confirming an order.
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We subscribe, adhere to, and go beyond policies required by the Better Business Bureau and

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions you may have about our safe shopping guarantee. Remember our goal is to serve you better.


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Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls .9 oz
 Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls .9 oz
$9.79 per Box
Size:0.9 Oz - 20 Count

Atomic Fireballs Cello Wrapped 30 LB
Atomic Fireballs Cello Wrapped 30 LB
$77.52 per Case
Size:30 LB

Andes CDM Plain Green Wrapper Bulk 20 LB
Andes CDM Plain Green Wrapper Bulk 20 LB
$72.90 per Case
Size:20 LB

Mike and Ike Original 4.5 LB Bag
Mike and Ike Original 4.5 LB Bag
$11.82 per Pack
Size:4.5 LB

Good & Plenty 5 LB
Good & Plenty 5 LB
$12.42 per Pack
Size:5 LB

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