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Twinkle Star Lollipop Green
List Price: $45.65
Item Code: SMR-02AG
Weight: 0.50LB
Popular Brands: Twinkle Candy
Top Manufacturers: Twinkle Candy
Shop By Categories: Lollipops and Suckers
Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 0.32 Oz - 120 Count

Brightly colored green star shaped lollipops.

DISCLAIMER: Due to circumstances outside our control in the delivery process, we cannot guarantee that this item will arrive unbroken. The shipping process can at times cause some of the lollipops to break or crack. We do our best to package these to prevent breakage, but we cannot be held responsible for any broken lollipops. Please note that although this may happen the packaging still maintains the product and this will remain a great gift or item for resale.