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Sour Punch Straws Cherry 24 Count
List Price: $16.46
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Item Code: S876918
Weight: 1.00LB
Popular Brands: Sour Punch
Top Manufacturers: American Licorice
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Heat Sensitive: Yes
Size: 24 Count

Deliciously Tart Cherry Flavored Straws. SOUR PUNCH CANDY is the sourishly, scrumptious treat you can pick up, twirl around, slurp-up and chew-up. Challenge your taste buds, pair them with your favorite drink, or share them with your friends. A pioneer in the category, Sour Punch has become a hit with kids and teens for almost a generation. Sour Punch Straws are sweet candy straws covered with a delicious sour coating, making it a wonderful treat to eat or use it to slurp up your favorite drink!