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Gatorade X Factor Plastic Bottle 20 Oz
List Price: $22.09
Our Price:  $17.67
Item Code: S643728
Weight: 36.00LB
Popular Brands: Gatorade
Top Manufacturers: Pepsi
Shop By Categories: Sports Drinks
Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 24 count 20 Oz
Kosher: True

Variety Includes: 8 Lemon Lime/Strawberry, 8 Fruit Punch/Berry, and 8 Orange/Tropical Fruit. Rehydrate, replenish and refuel with the Gatorade X-Factor. By offering a scientifically proven blend of carbohydrates and key electrolytes, this thirst quencher is designed for use in the moment of activity to help athletes and active people hydrate, refuel and push through.