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Cracker Jack Bags 1.25 Oz
List Price: $13.49
Our Price:  $10.79
Item Code: S380862
Weight: 5.25LB
Popular Brands: Cracker Jack
Top Manufacturers: Frito Lay
Shop By Categories: Gourmet Popcorn
Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 1.25 Oz - 24 Count
Kosher: True

Best value in the Cracker Jack line and the same size you might see in a vending machine. This Baseball favorite in a great peg bag. Caramel popcorn and peanuts. A prize included in each bag.24 Bags. A little History: Did you know Cracker Jacks was first unveiled at the very first Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and in 1912 the first prize was placed inside. Frito Lay made a good choice when they bought the line from Borden in 1997. It is no wonder the widely popular Cracker Jack brand has been an American favorite for well over 100 years. The delicious blend of caramel coated popcorn and peanuts is just as good now as when it was first introduced. And who can forget the joy of opening the toy surprise inside, something that is in both boxes and bags. Kids of all ages have always enjoyed that thrill. And what is Baseball without Cracker Jacks or Peanuts? So we added our favorite Peanuts here also.


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