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Giant Gummy Cola Bottle - Cherry Cola
List Price: $13.26
Item Code: GGCB-800-09W
Weight: 1.00LB
Popular Brands: World's Largest Gummy Bears
Top Manufacturers: GGB of Raleigh LLC
Shop By Categories: Gummy Bottle
Special Order Item: This is a Special Order Item
Approximate Lead Time Required: 2-4 weeks
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 898259002742
Size: 1 Count
Kosher: False

What's bigger than your cellphone and if eaten will give you crater-sized cavities? The Giant Gummy Cola Bottle, a recreation of the traditional cola bottle sweets, but over 120x traditional size. The huge gummi product features an iconic Two - Tone pattern and measures 20cm tall, 7cm wide and 5cm deep. It pretty much sits in your hand at similar dimensions a bottle of pop would.