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Elmers Assorted Love Chocolates 2.4 Oz
List Price: $17.83
Item Code: E63200
Weight: 3.50LB
Top Manufacturers: Elmer Candy Corporation
Shop By Categories: Valentines Day Candy
Heat Sensitive: Yes
Size: 2.4 Oz - 12 Count

Delicious Assorted Chocolates. Each box with a different saying of love. A total 12 boxes. A Valentine tradition. More Than Just Puppy Love. The only people who love Valentine's Day more than Elmer's are kids. That's because they know that Valentine's means getting great candy from someone who cares. And more often than any other, it's Elmer's - the leading brand in the kid focused under $2 Heart segment. So when you think of Valentine candy, think Elmer's.