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Pecans Halves & Pieces Glazed 5 LB
List Price: $57.32
Item Code: 9892096
Weight: 5.50LB
Top Manufacturers: Azar Nuts
Shop By Categories: Miscellaneous Variety
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 10076500920961
Size: 5 LB
Kosher: True

Crunchy pecan halves & pieces with the right amount of added sweetness. Made by mixing together the perfect combination of sugar, pure vanilla and crunchy pecans with just a touch of salt. Great for jazzing up desserts such as cheesecakes, cookies and cakes. Makes a perfect ice cream topping and adds pizzazz to salads. For a really unique twist, glazed pecans can be used as a topping for sweet potatoes or as a coating for fish, pork and chicken. And don't forget snacking!