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Kool-Aid Invisible Cherry Canister 19 Oz
List Price: $66.91
Item Code: 95705
Weight: 14.25LB
Popular Brands: Kool Aid
Top Manufacturers: Kraft Foods
Shop By Categories: Beverage Powders
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 10043000953522
Size: 19 Oz - 12 Count
Kosher: True

Kool-Aid Invisible Drink Mix Cherry 19 Oz jars, each jar containing a mix for 8 quarts. It contains artificial flavored invisible cherry, caffeine free with vitamin C added and sweetened with sugar and fructose. Satisfy your thirst with the great taste of Kool-Aid. A perfect drink for any occasion! 1 premixed canister. No need to add sugar. Just add water!