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Topps Juicy Drop Pop Laydown Box 21 Ct
List Price: $39.62
Our Price:  $31.70
Item Code: 915T
Weight: 2.61LB
Popular Brands: Juicy Drop Pop
Top Manufacturers: The Topps, Co., Inc.
Shop By Categories: Toys with Candy
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 10041116294867
Size: 0.92 Oz - 21 Count
Kosher: False

Great tasting lollipops with intense flavor boosting drops for an extreme sensation. Squeeze on one drop for some sick flavor. Squeeze on a stream of liquid and your taste buds are in for a flavorful ride. Juicy Drop Pops are portable and resealable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere you go. Assortment includes four "Dare 2 Drop" flavors: Berry Bomb, Apple Attack, Knock Out Punch and Blue Rebel.