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Jelly Belly Tabasco Jelly Beans Bottle
List Price: $40.74
Our Price:  $23.84
Item Code: 91199
Weight: 3.80LB
Popular Brands: Jelly Belly
Top Manufacturers: Jelly Belly
Shop By Categories: Standard Everyday Favorites
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 071567911993
Size: 1.5 Oz - 24 Count
Kosher: True

Fun and unique Jelly Belly Tabasco bottle is filled with 1.5 oz of Tabasco jelly beans seasoned with genuine Tabasco brand Pepper Sauce. If you like it hot, you will love our Jelly Belly jelly beans spiced with genuine Tabasco brand seasonings. They are an irresistibly spicy treat for Tabasco-lovers everywhere. Just keep some water nearby!