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Kar's Nut Sweet N Salty Mix 2 Oz
List Price: $49.30
Item Code: 8987
Weight: 10.38LB
Popular Brands: Kar's
Top Manufacturers: Kar Nuts
Shop By Categories: Mixed Nuts
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 077034009873
Size: 2 Oz - 72 Count
Kosher: True

Why wonder whether your energy source should be sweet or salty? When your Kar's alarm is going off, just grab Kar's Sweet 'N Salty Mix. Your yin will high-five your yang in delicious fashion! Your tongue gets a ride on a flavor roller coaster, while riboflavin, vitamin E, iron and protein bring a sure, steady stream of energy. So... Yin? Yang? How about yummmm?