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Nutella Spread 6 Count 26.5 Ounce
List Price: $57.31
Item Code: 89526
Weight: 10.96LB
Popular Brands: Nutella
Top Manufacturers: Ferrero USA, Inc.
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Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 10009800895264
Size: 26.5 Oz - 6 Count
Kosher: False

This delicious hazelnut spread was a well-known product in Europe for decades before we Americans wised-up and discovered it. Nutella is rich, thick, decadent, sweet, dense, and every other word that you can think of that denotes delicious. It's typically eaten on toast, especially for breakfast, but don't stop there. The flavor of roasted hazelnuts mixed with milk and hints of cocoa is to die for, so experiment with cakes, muffins, tarts and more. Nutella is kosher, completely peanut and gluten-free. Store at room temperature, as this crafty little spread needs no refrigeration.