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Sour Punch Rope Apple .9 Ounce
List Price: $12.58
Item Code: 8141
Weight: 25.00LB
Popular Brands: Sour Punch
Top Manufacturers: American Licorice
Shop By Categories: Movie-Theater Favorites
UPC Code: 10041364081417
Size: 0.9 Oz - 30 Count
Kosher: True

Sour Punch Rope Apple. Sour punch ropes in apple flavor. A great licorice rope with a sour apple taste. These tasty sour punch ropes will tie up your taste buds with a great apple taste. Sour Punch is the brand of thrilling sweet-yet-sour candies that excites candy fans of all ages. Sour Punch candy teases your taste buds with its fun colors and fruity flavors; all packing that extra "punch" with the brand's special sour coating crystals.