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Unicorn Pop Colors Black N White 0.9 Oz
List Price: $35.50
Item Code: 76164
Weight: 2.50LB
Popular Brands: Unicorn Pop
Top Manufacturers: Adams & Brooks, Inc.
Shop By Categories: Lollipops and Suckers
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 072965761548
Size: 0.9 Oz - 24 Count
Kosher: False

The 2011 Best Picture Oscar-winning film The Artist was originally shot in color, and then converted to black and white after shooting wrapped. With tons of Easter eggs to discover within the film and seemingly countless homages to noteworthy films throughout history, it's no wonder that the movie took home the top award that year. If we could, we would give this stunning black and white sucker a big, fancy award for being so yummy and showy! An ebony strip of delicious mixed berry flavor twirls around a stark white hard candy ribbon to form an exquisite spiral-shaped sucker. So classy-looking, you could offer guests glasses filled with bubbly champagne and garnish each with one black and white pop each to ring in the New Year this December. If your attendees respond with a smile, you'll know it's not just the drinks that are delighting them, it's the sweet nostalgic treat you took care to provide. More than just a finishing touch, these suckers are so full of long-lasting, wild berry flavor that snacking satisfaction is virtually guaranteed. Bravo!