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Topps Rattlerz Strawberry-Blue Raspberry
List Price: $26.54
Item Code: 653
Weight: 2.05LB
Popular Brands: Rattlerz
Top Manufacturers: The Topps, Co., Inc.
Shop By Categories: Toys with Candy
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 10041116106009
Size: 1.34 Oz - 14 Count
Kosher: False

Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz are the perfect complement to your new lifestyle choice. Featuring a ball lollipop that you lick and dip into the encasing container of sweetly tart little candy pebbles, the Rattlerz come in two flavors, blue Berry Blast and red Strawberry. As a functional rattle and a delicious treat, you can enjoy some sweet and tart candy flavor while amusing a child.