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5-hour Energy Decaf 12 Count 1.93 Oz
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Weight: 3.00LB
Popular Brands: 5-hour Energy
Top Manufacturers: Living Essentials
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Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 10719410618121
Size: 1.93 Oz - 12 Count

5-hour Energy Decaf is the only energy shot for people sensitive to caffeine. Do you find caffeine unpleasant but still need a little extra energy to get through your day? Then try Decaf 5-hour Energy shots. It can provide the alertness you want without the caffeine feeling you donít. It works gently Ė with only as much caffeine as a half cup of decaffeinated coffee, and no Niacin. And it has pleasant citrus taste. Like original 5-hour Energy Decaf 5-hour Energy contains B-vitamins and amino acids plus Choline. It is vital to the production of neurotransmitters in the brain that affect memory, intelligence and mood. Choline is present in eggs, soy and meats.