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Ring Pops Assorted Tub 40 Count
List Price: $17.81
Our Price:  $14.25
Item Code: 564
Weight: 3.00LB
Popular Brands: Ring Pop
Top Manufacturers: The Topps, Co., Inc.
Shop By Categories: Toys with Candy
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 041116006517
Size: 0.5 Oz - 40 Count
Kosher: True

Get a tub of 40 Ring pops! Each one is individually wrapped and you can wear your candy on you fingers! There are a ton of assorted flavors: Cherry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Berry Blast, Twisted Blue Raspberry Watermelon. The ultimate in candy bling since 1977. This assortment includes six delicious Ring Pop flavors, so you can make a fashion statement (almost) every day of the week! This huge crystal candy ring is not only great looking it is delicious and you do not have to worry about carrying it, just slip it on your finger and you are good to go. Great piece of candy jewelry. 100-carat ring lollipops with less-than-perfect cut and clarity, but still quite tasty! The flavors always on hand!