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Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Display
List Price: $50.40
Our Price:  $40.32
Item Code: 4250R
Weight: 4.67LB
Popular Brands: Dryden & Palmer
Top Manufacturers: Richardson Brands Company
Shop By Categories: Bulk Wrapped Candy
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 50011167042500
Size: 60 Count
Kosher: True

A fabulous assortment of rock candy crystal sticks wrapped in cellophane. Formed by nature itself, these crystalline candy structures are unique and delicious. Assortment includes 7 colors and flavors: Pink - Cherry, Purple - Grape, Blue - Blue Raspberry, Red - Strawberry, Light Blue - Cotton Candy, Light Green - Watermelon, White - Natural. Display box contains 60 wrapped Rock Candy Crystal Stick Lollipops. There are 9 of each color and 6 of the White-Natural color per box.