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Choco Rocks Topaz Gemstones 5 LB
List Price: $33.32
Item Code: 42154
Weight: 5.00LB
Popular Brands: Chocorocks
Top Manufacturers: Kimmie Candy Company
Shop By Categories: Chocolate Rocks
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 679224421511
Size: 5 LB

Chocolate chunks glazed with a shiny blue coating, these nuggets are masters of disguise, seemingly appearing as precious topaz jewels. A tasty toast to the December birthstone! Does your current candy dish seem like garish confetti in your home? Do you need to keep your passion for chocolate a secret? Do you like pulling pranks? These nuggets are as rich in flavor as they are in color, and resemble glistening treasure for you to surprise guests when you bite into them without breaking any teeth.