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Mary Jane Bag in Box
List Price: $16.63
Item Code: 3815100
Weight: 3.70LB
Popular Brands: Mary Jane
Top Manufacturers: Necco (New England Confectionery Co.)
Shop By Categories: Specialty Chocolates
UPC Code: 011215381457
Size: 3.5 Oz - 12 Count
Kosher: False

Mary Janes Original taffy chews have been delivering sweet satisfaction to candy lovers for over 100 years. Necco is proud to offer this classic brand as part of its lineup of old-time nostalgic candy. Named for the favorite aunt of the original manufacturer, Mary Janes Original taffy chews feature a molasses-flavored, sticky-sweet shell that hugs a real peanut butter center. After a long, slow chew, the crumbly goodness of genuine peanut butter will melt in your mouth and leave you reaching for more.