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Twizzlers Licorice Twists Peg Bag 7 Oz
List Price: $17.98
Our Price:  $14.38
Item Code: 3400054400
Weight: 6.03LB
Popular Brands: Twizzlers
Top Manufacturers: Hershey
Shop By Categories: Peg Bags
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 10034000544001
Size: 7 Oz - 12 Count
Kosher: True

Now you can delight in the lip-smacking taste of Twizzlers Black Licorice Twists. The sweet-pungent aroma and tangy licorice taste combine to delight your senses. Package of Twizzlers Black Licorice Twists contains one full pound of low-fat goodness. Enjoy the classic flavor of licorice while nibbling on these chewy candy sticks and enhance your snacking world. When you think "yummy", think Twizzlers Licorice Twists. Brought to you by the Hershey.