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Kit Kat Extra Crispy Vend Bar 1.61 Oz
List Price: $39.17
Our Price:  $31.34
Item Code: 3400024652
Weight: 4.12LB
Popular Brands: Kit Kat
Top Manufacturers: Hershey
Shop By Categories: Standard Everyday Favorites
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 034000246526
Size: 1.61 Oz - 36 Count
Kosher: True

Kit Kat Extra Crispy Chocolate Bar from Hershey. Need an extra crispy break? These Kit Kat wafer bars are the same light, crispy wafer wrapped in chocolate. The difference with the Kit Kat Extra Crispy is there are even more wafers to enjoy, making Kit Kat Extra Crispy crunchier and more of a mouthful. Smooth milk chocolate and crispy wafers are what make Kit Kat a delicious treat.