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Freshpak Unsalted In Shell Peanut 4.5 oz
List Price: $26.50
Item Code: 335
Weight: 4.00LB
Popular Brands: Freshpak
Top Manufacturers: New Century Snacks
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Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 4.5 Oz - 15 Count

A FreshPak "Virginia" is the traditional type peanut with two nuts in the shell that people commonly recognize as "Baseball Peanuts" and "Circus Peanuts", mainly because historically in-shell peanuts were commonly found at the circus and baseball parks. Today, the FreshPak peanut found at the circus and baseball games, now also found in grocery stores, convenience stores, and 99 cent stores, so everybody can enjoy FreshPak as a snack anytime, anywhere Unsalted and Roasted - This is the traditional way. It remains most popular in the Northeast.