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Beer Nuts Original Peanuts 24 Bags 3 Oz
List Price: $27.46
Item Code: 25145
Weight: 6.00LB
Popular Brands: Beer Nuts
Top Manufacturers: Beer Nuts, Inc.
Shop By Categories: Peanuts
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 00070842251458
Size: 2 Box of 12 Count - 3 Oz

Beer Nuts original peanuts has a unique sweet and salty taste. These come in a 3 ounce bag and a case contains 24 bags. Original flavored peanuts are perfect snacks to take to the party or while watching a game.

Beer Nuts continues to use the same unique formula for its special niche of products as they did back in 1937. Taste a handful of Beer Nuts peanuts and you too will appreciate what makes these nuts the passion of serious snack lovers everywhere.