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5 Ascent Gum 15 Sticks 10 Count
List Price: $15.79
Item Code: 24788
Weight: 1.07LB
Popular Brands: Wrigleys 5 Gum
Top Manufacturers: Wrigley's
Shop By Categories: Sugarfree Gum
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 00022000123930
Size: 15 Sticks - 10 Count
Kosher: False

5 Ascent from Wrigley is Wrigley's newest. New 5 Ascent gum is an escalating Wintermint that intensifies as you chew. This chilling new flavor is now available in a 15-piece pack Try Wrigley Five Gum Ascent today and see why people rave about 5 chewing gum . Available in 10 Count Box with 15 sticks per pack.