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Pelonazo Tamarind Soft Candy Bottle
List Price: $4.20
Item Code: 1988618032
Weight: 1.26LB
Popular Brands: Pelonazo
Top Manufacturers: Hershey
Shop By Categories: Unique-Fun-Everyday
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 719886080425
Size: 3.53 Oz - 4 Count
Kosher: False

Pelon Pelo Rico Artificial Tamarind Flavored Soft Candy. Tamarind is an exotic, sour, refreshing fruit, whose flavors touch many aspects of the modern culinary experience. The sweet, juicy pulp of this tropical fruit carries with it a strong, pleasant kick that will supercharge your dishes with flavor. Try just a dash of our Tamarind extract in anything from ice creams to curry, to add a sweetly exotic flare to any dish. All great cooking starts with the same thing great ingredients. Our premium quality extracts and liquid flavors give you an extra degree of flavor in all your cooking and baking. They are specially formulated to withstand the high heat of baking and still bring you maximum flavor.Our goal is to produce the truest flavors possible. When possible we use natural flavor ingredients. We also use top-quality artificial flavors when natural ingredients do not have sufficient flavor strength or do not maintain true flavor over time.