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Count Chocula Lip Balm 12 Count 0.15 Oz
List Price: $16.80
Item Code: 17079
Weight: 0.50LB
Popular Brands: Count Chocula
Top Manufacturers: Boston America Corp.
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Special Order Item: 1-3 week
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 611508170791
Size: 0.15 Oz - 12 Count

Enjoy your favorite breakfast cereal flavor whenever you want with the new Count Chocula Lip Balm. Ah….remember those blissful mornings of waking up early and watching your favorite Saturday Morning cartoons with your favorite bowl of cereal? How long ago that was! Now you can relive those memories with the lingering taste of your favorite cereal lip balm! Besides being tasty, this lip balm will protect your pouter against the harshest of winter and the hottest of summers. Contains 0.15 Ounces of Chocolate Flavored Lip Balm. Want to taste Count Chocula cereal anytime? Then you'll love this lip balm - all the taste, no need to carry round milk and a bowl. Remember watching Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of Count Chocula? Ahh, the good ol' days. Lip moisturizer has never tasted so good.