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Lucky Charms Mixed Berry Lip Balm
List Price: $18.70
Item Code: 17078
Weight: 0.50LB
Popular Brands: Lucky Charms
Top Manufacturers: Boston America Corp.
Shop By Categories: Dry Goods
Special Order Item: 1-3 week
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 611508170784
Size: 0.15 Oz - 12 Count

Ah….remember those blissful mornings of waking up early and watching your favorite Saturday Morning cartoons with your favorite bowl of cereal! Now you can relive those memories with the lingering taste of your favorite cereal lip balm! Besides being tasty, this lip balm will protect your pouter against the harshest of winter and the hottest of summers. You will love this lip balm - all the taste, no need to carry round milk and a bowl. For all of you who feel your kisses aren't magically delicious, grab yourself a tube of Lucky Charms Lip Balm. Each one will leave the taste of mixed berries on your lips, in case you find yourself smooching a leprechaun now and then. This great lip balm not only keeps your lips from cracking and peeling but they will also always remind you of that wonderful experience of eating a bowl of Lucky Charms as a kid and picking all the yummy marshmallow treats out first.