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Extra Strength Hangover Helper Mints
List Price: $40.32
Item Code: 1607
Weight: 3.00LB
Popular Brands: Fun Mints
Top Manufacturers: Boston America Corp.
Shop By Categories: Everyday Mints
Special Order Item: 1-3 week
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 611508160709
Size: 1.5 Oz - 18 Count

These funny mints make a funny gift and are great to have on hand for special occasions. Ideal for the those rough mornings after a night of a few bad decisions. Freshen up that dirty mouth with the handy and hilarious Hangover Helper Mints, a tin of extra strength peppermints that rid the morning after of bad breath or as the tin reads eliminates ass mouth! Contains 1.5 Oz of Peppermint flavored mints in a fun collectible tin. These extra strength mints help with many of life's little problems and make a fast selling impulse item.