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Stretchy And Tangy Taffy Cherry
List Price: $24.99
Our Price:  $19.99
Item Code: 14336
Weight: 2.67LB
Popular Brands: Laffy Taffy
Top Manufacturers: Nestle USA
Shop By Categories: Standard Everyday Favorites
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 00079200143367
Size: 1.5 Oz - 24 Count

Wonka candies produces fun, innovative, high-quality candy that both charges taste buds and sparks the imagination with their whimsy and uniqueness. And with Wonka candies, you don't have to worry about high fat content or cholesterol -- so go ahead: indulge in pure candy bliss and satisfy your sweet tooth with an all-time favorite like Cherry Laffy Taffy. This tangy, stretchy taffy candy features a joke on every wrapper -- it's sure to take you back to your childhood, and to make new memories for you and your children.