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Grandmas Vanilla Grab Bites 2.12 Oz
List Price: $28.22
Item Code: 13796
Weight: 8.40LB
Popular Brands: Grandma
Top Manufacturers: Frito Lay
Shop By Categories: Sandwich Cookies
Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 2.12 Oz - 60 Count
Kosher: True

If you like grandma's vanilla sandwich creme cookies, you will love grandma's vanilla mini sandwich creme cookies. They have got the same combination of great taste, great crunch, and good fun as the original, but they are bite-size and in a portable bag. You can satisfy any craving the minute it comes with these treats. Delicious and actual sandwich cookie treat. Two vanilla cookies with a creme middle. The creme is soft and flavorful, the cookie very delicate.