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Trolli Soda Poppers Gummy Candy
List Price: $15.46
Item Code: 11043
Weight: 4.37LB
Popular Brands: Trolli
Top Manufacturers: Ferrara Candy Company
Shop By Categories: Gummy Candy-Assorted
Heat Sensitive: Yes
UPC Code: 10020709110432
Size: 5 Oz 12 Count
Kosher: False

Trolli Soda Poppers are little can-shaped gummies packed with so much soda flavor you won't know whether to eat them or save them. You might even find yourself vigorously shaking these delicious and diminutive gummy cans before slyly handing them to your friends in an attempt at practical jest. Well, don't get carried away; these are just gummy candies, albeit highly tasty ones that come in five fizzy soda flavors (Cola, Cherry Cola, Root Beer, Lemon Lime and Orange Soda).