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Van Holten's Pickles Sour Sis 12 Count
List Price: $16.59
Item Code: 1012S
Weight: 10.50LB
Popular Brands: Van Holten's
Top Manufacturers: Van Holtens Pickles
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Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 12 Count

Pucker up 'cause here she is ...the newest addition to the Van Holten's Pickle Family. SOUR SIS, with her tart and tangy taste, has enough pucker power to satisfy. Individually packed in a take and go pouch, and are packed in their own 12count shipper/display case. Today, Van Holten's is turning pickles into one of Americaís most popular single serving snacks. Van Holtenís invented the pickle-in-a-pouch, a masterful merchandising innovation that turned pickles into a popular, convenient food for people on the run. The Pickle-in-a pouch is the perfect snack because the individually packed pickles are crisp, crunchy, delicious and fat free.