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Cheetos Flaming Hot Canisters 4.25 Oz
List Price: $21.69
Item Code: 07410Q
Weight: 4.98LB
Popular Brands: Cheetos
Top Manufacturers: Quaker Oats Company
Shop By Categories: Snacks
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 2840007410
Size: 4.25 Oz - 12 Count
Kosher: True

There are regular chips, then there are Cheetos Flamin' Hot Snacks! They pack a punch and are great for eating in between meals or for parties. No other brand matches the quality and tastiness Cheetos has to offer. Cheetos Snacks are the playfully mischievous cheesy crunch that add a little lighten-up moment to any day. Proof positive, you simply canít eat a Cheetos Snack without smiling.