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Gehl's Chili Sauce with Dispenser
List Price: $56.88
Item Code: 05030
Weight: 22.00LB
Popular Brands: Gehl's
Top Manufacturers: Gehl Foods, Inc.
Shop By Categories: Sauces
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 00036144050304
Size: 80 Oz - 4 Count

Gehl's bag chili sauce are for use with Gehl's cheese dispensers. Gehlís 80 oz pouch is the smallest bag-in-box chili pack size which reduces spoils and provides your customers with the highest quality, freshest product possible. Gehl's focus on the finest ingredients and packaging that delivers each serving piping hot and full of flavor. Gehl's sauces are shelf-stable for one year from the date of production, no refrigeration required - production dates are printed on each bag of sauce. Unopened bags of sauce should be stored at room temperature.