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Sunny Delight Orange Fused Pineapple
List Price: $21.03
Item Code: 050200566004
Weight: 15.00LB
Popular Brands: Sunny Delight
Top Manufacturers: 7up - Dr. Pepper - Snapple Group
Shop By Categories: Juices 100 Percent and Artificial
UPC Code: 050200566004
Size: 16 Oz -12 Count

Sunny Delight Orange Fused Pineapple is a mouth-watering combination bursting with a sun ripened Pineapple flavor. Orange Pineapple Blend that captures the summer market fresh fruit flavor all year long. Sunny D's Orange Pineapple Blend contains Vitamin B1, and a full days supply of Vitamin C. A luscious, refreshing taste inspired by the summer fresh flavor of farm fresh pineapples.