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Cup Coke 20 Sleeves of 100 Count
List Price: $170.75
Item Code: 045643
Weight: 36.70LB
Top Manufacturers: The Coca-Cola Company
Shop By Categories: Paper Products and Supplies
Heat Sensitive: No
Size: 20 Sleeves - 100 Count 12 Oz

This 12 Oz Coca Cola squat paper cup is designed specifically for serving ice cold beverages at your concession stand, sandwich shop, or take out restaurant. Both the interior and exterior of the squat cup are coated with a polyethylene plastic film. This film keeps liquids inside the cup and protects the outside of the cup from weakening due to condensation or "sweating." The 12 Oz squat paper cold cup features a colorful "Coca Cola" design and an eye catching glossy finish.