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M&M's Milk Minis Tubes 24 Count 1.08 Oz
List Price: $25.40
Item Code: 03237
Weight: 2.46LB
Popular Brands: M&M'S
Top Manufacturers: Mars Incorporated
Shop By Categories: Standard Everyday Favorites
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 040000032373
Size: 1.08 Oz - 24 Count

One of the world's favorite chocolate since 1941, M&M'S Classic Milk Chocolate candies are made of irrestistable milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell. Your favorite milk chocolate shelled candies only mini! M&M'S Minis come in a plastic tube pack making them very portable for a few here and there. M&M'S mini milk chocolates are fabulous chocolate treats with colorful candy coatings. These candies are a delightful addition for all occasions.