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Chewy Lemonhead and Friends
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Item Code: 00457
Popular Brands: Lemonhead & Friends
Top Manufacturers: Ferrara Candy Company
Shop By Categories: Standard Everyday Favorites
Heat Sensitive: No
UPC Code: 4142000457
Size: 0.9 Oz - 24 Count
Kosher: True

The Original Lemonhead Candy by the Ferrara Pan Company now comes in a new chewy avatar which is a new twist on the original classic. What’s more he has brought all his friends along all in one box. You get Lemonhead, Cherryhead, Grapehead, Orangehead and Applehead candies all together. The outer candy shell of each of this head line candy is pretty much the same; however it is the inside where you get the treat. Fruit flavored gummy candy similar to that of a jelly bean wrapped in a candy shell.