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Ferrara Pan Jawbusters 24 Count 0.9 Oz
List Price: $4.96
Our Price:  $3.97
Item Code: 00383F
Weight: 1.53LB
Popular Brands: Jaw Busters
Top Manufacturers: Ferrara Candy Company
Shop By Categories: Unique-Fun-Everyday
UPC Code: 10041420003834
Size: 1.01 Oz 24 Count
Kosher: True

Jaw Buster Jawbreakers come in a rainbow of colors and flavors. These delicious jawbreakers are guilt free and a fat free candy. Each case of Jaw Buster Jawbreakers comes with twenty-four individually packaged boxes. Give the Jaw Buster Jawbreakers at birthday parties, classroom parties; use them for fundraisers and more. The possibilities are endless.