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We have tried to make shopping with us as pleasurable an experience as possible. To get you better acquainted with us, we have given a brief description about how our shop functions and what you will find in each section.



The Home page is the main page of the shop. In this page, you will find a listing of item categories. Below the item categories, you will find miscellaneous items that do not belong to any category. From the Home page, you can browse through the item categories or click on class to see the item classes. You can add miscellaneous items listed in the Home page to your shopping cart.


Account Login

You do not need to login to your account with us to browse through our shop and add items to your shopping cart. But you need to login before you checkout. You also need to login to check on the status of your existing orders and to view, change or add to your account information.

If you do not have an account with us, you can register with us in the Account Login page. We do not require more information than what is necessary to process your order. Registering your account with us will save you the time and bother of having to enter your address, payment and other details for every order you place with us.


Account Info

The Account Info page displays your Account Info. You can add or change your account information from this page. You can change your password, change your billing address, add or change a shipping address, add or update a credit card from this page.


You can search for any item on this page. If you know the name or part of the name of an item, enter it in the search field. All items whose names begin with the keywords you entered will be displayed. If you find the item you are looking for in the search results, click on it: you will be taken to the page containing the details of that item. We also have a more advanced search option. This allows you to search for an item based on a keyword, minimum, maximum price, item category or a combination of these.

View Cart

The view cart shows the items added to the cart along with the item details. You can update the entered quantity, remove it altogether from the shopping cart or even empty the entire cart too. If you are done with your shopping, click on the Checkout button to checkout of the shop or continue shopping.


If you have finished shopping, click on the Checkout button. The checkout page will give you the value of the items that you have bought and the taxes on it. Next, select the mode of delivery of the items and the shipping address. You may add a new shipping address to your list from this page. Shipping charges are now calculated and added to the item value and taxes. As a final step, select your payment method. If credit cards is your chosen option, the order value will be charged to your default credit card, but you may change your default credit card here or even add anew credit card to your list. You could choose to pay using Microsoft Wallet or by check, cash or any other option. Click on the Confirm Order button to confirm your order. Your order will be created and a mail sent to you giving the order details.

Order Tracking

You can check on the status of an earlier order by clicking on this button. This page gives you the options of viewing an individual order or the summary of all orders that you have placed with us. To check an individual order, enter the order number and click on View Order button. If you don’t remember the order number, click on the Order Summary; a list of all your orders along with shipment status is displayed. The Order Summary displays ALL orders placed by you, whether on-line or over the phone, mail or any other means. Click on the required order number to check on its status. The order details also contain the shipment tracking numbers of items shipped on this order.


Contact Us

If you need further information or if you experience any difficulty on-line, please contact us. Click on the Contact Us button for a list of our contact addresses.

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Charms Blow Pops Variety Bag 80 Count
Charms Blow Pops Variety Bag 80 Count
$9.35 per EACH
Size:1 bag of 80 Count

Gilliam Red White Green Starlights 5 LB
Gilliam Red White Green Starlights 5 LB
$11.23 per Pack
Size:5 LB

Red Sweet Heart Chocolate Roses 12 ct
Red Sweet Heart Chocolate Roses 12 ct
$9.99 per Case
Size:12 Count

Big League Chew Chistmas Collector Tin
Big League Chew Chistmas Collector Tin
$3.43 per Pack
Size:1-4.6oz tin

Christmas Surprise Lollipops 3pk-8ct
Christmas Surprise Lollipops 3pk-8ct
$8.96 per Pack
Size:3pk-8ct (24 pops)

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