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Our Guarantee

As part of our "Shop with Confidence Guarantee" we want you to feel confident that we have taken every step possible to keep your products fresh. We guarantee it.

  • We keep to a time tested industry standard of oldest "First In First Out" (FIFO) inventory rotation.

  • We will not ship any item to you that is less than one month reaching it's "Best By" date. This does not include clearance items or items listed clearly at being below our minimum date requirements.

  • Our frequent weekly deliveries from most manufacturers allow us to keep items fresh to their maximum point. We warehouse very little in comparison to what we ship out. At times we will hit a conflict with either getting an order out fast or getting your order out at a freshness maximum. We may have a temporary stock shortage because we don't want a particular item just aging on a shelf waiting to sell. We order some items on a as needed basis. Should this be the case we always attempt to notify the customer and verify this will not cause them any issues.

  • Our warehouse temperature is closely monitored and kept at a cold minimum of approximately 72 Degrees to help keep products in the same condition as we receive them from manufacturers.

  • Because of our Freshness Guarantee customers can also enjoy our products which have passed our guidelines or their "Best By" date. Candy and Snack products are at times drastically reduced to make room for fresher items. Some items are marked down as low as 90%. Candy items that pass their "best by" date do not become unsafe to eat like other food items, they just pass their peak quality point, and start losing some of their flavor, texture, aroma, and color.

When your order arrives you can have confidence in knowing we have taken every step possible to keep your products fresh.

Remember you have our 100% Guarantee but most of all you have our Promise.


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Charms Blow Pops Variety Bag 80 Count
Charms Blow Pops Variety Bag 80 Count
$9.35 per EACH
Size:1 bag of 80 Count

Gilliam Red White Green Starlights 5 LB
Gilliam Red White Green Starlights 5 LB
$11.23 per Pack
Size:5 LB

Red Sweet Heart Chocolate Roses 12 ct
Red Sweet Heart Chocolate Roses 12 ct
$9.99 per Case
Size:12 Count

Big League Chew Chistmas Collector Tin
Big League Chew Chistmas Collector Tin
$3.43 per Pack
Size:1-4.6oz tin

Christmas Surprise Lollipops 3pk-8ct
Christmas Surprise Lollipops 3pk-8ct
$8.96 per Pack
Size:3pk-8ct (24 pops)

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