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Our Guarantee

As part of our "Shop with Confidence Guarantee" and our goal of becoming more transparent for our customers. We believe one of the most important and overlooked areas customers should be concerned with when buying food products online is how products are stored and kept prior to shipping.  At a physical store you can look closely at items, feeling and smelling  to determining if it is just right. We all know this can't be done online, especially when buying from a company across the country or even on the other side of the world. There is a high factor of trust given to the merchant by the buyer with the hope of everything being fine and health guidelines being followed. Well we want to take away that unknown feeling and reassure you of our dedication. We are not an unknown company at least to the 100,000 plus customers we have supplied. 

Have you ever walked into a large warehouse or distribution center and noticed just how dirty some are? Several companies take little notice of this part of their business because few customers actually see this. We believe if you are working with food, packaged or not, it is important to maintain a clean environment. It avoids contamination with insects, rodents and a whole host of other bacterial and unhealthy problems. It also implies little concern for their customers.

Did you know candy and chocolate products can absorb orders? Keeping candy and coffee together is a good example of what not to do. We have posted some guidelines on what we do and industry recommended procedures on how to store your own candy and snack products either at home or at your business. Click Here to learn more details.

We maintain a rigorous schedule daily and weekly on maintenance and cleaning, which includes our warehouse and administrative offices. Our employees enjoy working in a clean and safe environment and take pride in keeping things safe for our customers knowing full well a large portion of our customers are children.

Remember you have our Guarantee but most of all you have our Promise.


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Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls .9 oz
 Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls .9 oz
$9.79 per Box
Size:0.9 Oz - 20 Count

Atomic Fireballs Cello Wrapped 30 LB
Atomic Fireballs Cello Wrapped 30 LB
$77.52 per Case
Size:30 LB

Andes CDM Plain Green Wrapper Bulk 20 LB
Andes CDM Plain Green Wrapper Bulk 20 LB
$72.90 per Case
Size:20 LB

Mike and Ike Original 4.5 LB Bag
Mike and Ike Original 4.5 LB Bag
$11.82 per Pack
Size:4.5 LB

Laffy Taffy Banana Single 24 Count 1.5Oz
Laffy Taffy Banana Single 24 Count 1.5Oz
$16.99 per Pack
Size:1.5 Oz - 24 Count

Minion Sour Gummies 300-.9oz
Minion Sour Gummies 300-.9oz
$104.54 per Case
Size:300-.9oz bags

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