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As part of our "Shop With Confidence Guarantee" we believe transparency in what we do aids in our customer's satisfaction. Knowing who you buy from and how they keep the products you eat and sell is important. "Because people live and shop on the Internet more than ever before, the need to know of who we are buying from online has become even more important. Especially when dealing with food." Just because someone has a nice looking clean web site does not necessarily mean their warehouse and storage conditions are the same. We have found several companies out there that have created a beautiful web site but in all actuality are not a company at all, just someone selling food items out of their garage or closet. EBay is probably the most common  location where people do this, however we have seen full, complete, domain assigned web sites also doing the same thing. 

Our Warehouse

West warehouse wing and stagging area.

Conveyor with processed shipments headed for dock.

North Warehouse Wing

West Wing area Racks Pick Area B-1

Here at Nationwide Candy we take extreme pride in keeping our warehouse clean, enjoyable, and up to the condition you expect and deserve. All our personnel are Drug Free, completed background checks, and long term. Warehouse temperatures are kept at optimum settings to maintain product integrity. We are rodent and insect free. We maintain a rigorous schedule cleaning our administrative offices and warehouse. From the time the product arrives at our warehouse, to when it ships out to our customers, we take every step needed to keep your products safe and enjoyable.

Our Administrative Team
Our General Manager Ken Henson Our Lead Sales Agent and Sales Manager Nautalee Our Accounts Payable Verna Our Accounts Receivable Kim

Key Support Personnel

Our Head Warehouse Supervisor Jonathan

Warehouse Safety Matthew Warehouse Pack Station #2 - Josh Customer Service Elena

How we Ship

Dock Area Outgoing Pallet Shipments




From the big Corporate Giants to the Individual Consumers Nationwide Candy supply's them all.

We have 14 years experience shipping candy and snack products. We also currently carry and ship over 14,300 different items from our warehouse and our line continues to grow almost daily. LTL (Less than Truckload) or FTL (Full Truckload) size shipments, we can handle your needs. We send daily LTL shipments with multiple carriers that we have come to rely on based on the handling of our products, transit times, and negotiated rates keeping your cost down.

No shipment is too large or too small for us to handle. We have been told that we are a Top 10 shipper with UPS in our region. So sending one package or a thousand we have done it. Our customers range from the individual consumer looking for their favorite candy to large military bases overseas. We have large corporate clients with multiple stores some exceeding 100 locations. And yes even though we serve some of the largest clients out there we still take pride in sending that one box of Chocolate to someone's grandmother or supplying a family with all the goodies needed for a child's birthday party. Each and every one of our customers are treated with the same gratitude and care because we know it is the customer that keeps us growing. If your happy then we know you will come back. 





Dock Area Outgoing UPS Shipments





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Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls .9 oz
 Life Savers 5 Flavors Candy Rolls .9 oz
$9.79 per Box
Size:0.9 Oz - 20 Count

Atomic Fireballs Cello Wrapped 30 LB
Atomic Fireballs Cello Wrapped 30 LB
$77.52 per Case
Size:30 LB

Andes CDM Plain Green Wrapper Bulk 20 LB
Andes CDM Plain Green Wrapper Bulk 20 LB
$72.90 per Case
Size:20 LB

Mike and Ike Original 4.5 LB Bag
Mike and Ike Original 4.5 LB Bag
$11.82 per Pack
Size:4.5 LB

Good & Plenty 5 LB
Good & Plenty 5 LB
$12.42 per Pack
Size:5 LB

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